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We provide future of energy

Nmwenergy company was founded in 2008. Its ​​creation history started with our strong desire to make the world better, more stable and safer. Nowadays all the existing energy sources, which satisfy the planet population’s basic needs, are extremely costly and toxic. Besides they require huge resources and monitoring. Our company announced that it would be based in Newton, Harvey County, Kansas in July 2008.

Drew Thacker, the company’s founder, told that he was going to buy a house and move there together with his wife, since he wanted to personally control the situation and work for the company’s, city’s, state’s and country’s benefit. Initially, we considered 6 different states to choose from in order to base our company’s headquarters in. So, we’ve chosen Kansas, namely Newton and Wichita. Thacker told that he has chosen Wichita due to the fact Wichita was unofficial Aviation Capital of the world, so it has got a great potential for his project development.


National Institute of Aviation Research

Mickey Fornaro-Dean, Harvey County Economic Development Board executive director claimed that he was astounded by Thacker’s talent. The company’s partnership with the National Institute of Aviation Research at Wichita State University was one more important factor in the company creation. Thacker's ideas were actively gaining momentum, which resulted in active investment growth in Wichita State University, namely in alternative energy research and development. The university takes the second place in the current type research costs terms, according to the National Science Foundation’s latest data.


John Tomblin

Partnerships establishment with NIAR, whose executive director is John Tomblin, is one of the key aspects in Nmwenergy's development. Partnership with NIAR has enabled Drew Thacker and his Nmwenergy to fully develop full-fledged renewable energy projects, as well as in their manufacture, installation and operation, since NIAR's funding is available due to combination of federal and industry contracts, research programs from universities, industry and the states and Kansas Technology Enterprise Corp.


The «First ever» wind turbine development for commercial and industrial use by Nmwenergy experts together with the National Institute for Aviation Research became the most important turning point.

Nmwenergy was going to build a plant at one of its development stages, costed about $30 million in Newton’s Logistics Park in Kansas, since Kansas takes the second place in the country in the wind potential terms as well as provides an excellent business climate to implement such an ambitious project, where it was planned to manufacture «First ever» turbines.

Later Nmwenergy refused to implement the current idea, once found out the most interesting development vector. Our company has signed a partnership agreement with a third-party corporation on «First ever» production as well as various other wind generators and solar stations on mutually beneficial terms basis.

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Nmwenergy provides its partner with production technology, as well as the right to sell «First ever» systems on commercial terms basis, while they provide us with all their products at the lowest possible price, given all the agreements reached. Thus, Nmwenergy managed to focus on its project’s further development and popularization by production costs reduction.


New development vector

The company received a new development vector for years to come in 2013. Richard Watford bought the controlling interest and transferred it to his Watford Corp LLC holding in 2019, which resulted in the business model change. So, the company managed to reach a completely new level.

Finally, Drew Thacker had to leave the company’s head position. But it worth mentioning, that was required and important step for the further company’s development and Drew Thacker understood this the best. Therefore, Calvin Cooper, a competent leader, an excellent specialist, providing highly effective management methods, has taken the current position, hereby breathing new life and ideas into Nmwenergy.

NMWEnergy today

We’ve chosen the alternative energy sources distribution, namely wind generators, as well as solar cells to focus on, since our company’s goal is to provide people with energy at the lowest cost and ensure maximum safety for the environment.

Currently Nmwenergy is one of the market leaders in alternative energy sources. We installed 60 530 wind generators and solar cells in 47 countries as well as signed the installation contracts with the leading worlds’ corporations for the environmentally friendly, safe and stable energy production in 2019.

Both highly-experienced executives and effective management are extremely important in Nmwenergy. Nowadays Calvin Cooper, President, Victoria Conowell, Executive Vice President, Stephen Fry, CFO, as well as Julia Brow, Marketing and Development Director are the main company’s actors. The company pay a special attention to competent and highly-qualified staff. So, all the employees are subject to professional selection, while being obliged to annually confirm own qualifications and knowledge level within the accreditation planned.

Prudential financial

Certainly, we are obligated to protect both our own and our shareholders’ and investors’ interests. That’s why all our assets are protected by «Prudential financial» company, while all our operations and transactions are carefully monitored and tracked and provided with the highest security level. Besides all our patents and developments are insured, therefore, their reliability and stability are guaranteed within all force majeure circumstances.

Nmwenergy is committed to innovation and has a great desire to bring the advanced products to the market. We will continue to go beyond several directions in our ongoing efforts to create a company as the most competitive supplier of new integrated energy solutions.

Nmwenergy is always striving to provide advanced technology, innovative products, professional service and perfect management as well. Nmwenergy managed to become the leading innovator in the wind and solar cell industry worldwide due to such competencies.