New Millennium Wind Energy




«First ever» wind turbine installation, recently developed by our Nmwenergy company, is an excellent commercial solution in the alternative energy source terms. Such qualities as high performance, competitive cost, as well as the ability to install on almost any object are combined within our project, we have been engaged in for a long time.

The turbine is able to inhibit inertia, which allows «First Ever» installation on roofs due to the patented unique design. Wind energy is diverted upward in order to exploit the kinetic energy loss as well as reduce drag. Aerodynamic profiles cooperate together in order to create a compressor effect between the upper and lower lifting bodies. Spiral wind and slow revolutions eliminate harm to birds and other flying animals.


«First Ever» turbine benefits:

  • Rotating ribs counter
  • Enclosures, protecting against strong winds
  • Counterweight system, equipped with two drive shafts
  • Direct drive to floor or ceiling generator
  • Solar panels to provide energy flow for casing drives

«First Ever» turbine installation implies a high responsibility level, allowing to achieve their maximum efficiency, depending on the terrain, high-rise objects remoteness and other factors as well. Our standard «First Ever» wind generators installation on factory mast kits doesn’t require a concrete base. Therefore, the laboriousness and installation time are significantly reduced.

The wind system mast sets may be easily assembled due to each structural element manufacturing accuracy. «First Ever» installation within favorable conditions takes from 1 to 2 days, and our experts will always answer all the questions, related to the installation process by phone. Our customer support service provides all the required assistance to our customers on the wind generators selection, installation and maintenance.


Our company provides its customers with installation supervision services, namely wind generators installation, as well as equipment commissioning by the customer, controlled by highly qualified engineer, if required.

Besides the installation supervision covers:

  • Company’s representative departure to the customer’s site;
  • Control upon «First Ever» wind turbine receipt and installation, including the staff training;
  • Advice on the wind power station maintenance and operation.

Our employees’ large background and high professionalism level will help to quickly organize and control the wind power installation quality of any capacity.


«First Ever» wind turbine appliance range is quite extensive. Therefore, such turbines may be used in such places as retail stores, casinos, stadiums as well as to be installed on the buildings’ and skyscrapers’ roofs.

That’s why we can see a greater demand for our equipment installation in various places. For example, Kansas schools install wind turbines to generate their own energy and lots of companies are already negotiating with Nmwenergy to sign an agreement on further partnership, cooperation and «First Ever» equipment use to provide their activities with green energy.

Our project is supported by the US federal program to get the tax benefits as well as large investments influx in renewable energy, namely in the project development and promotion, developed by our Nmwenergy company.