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Solar farm

Our specially trained and highly-qualified staff provides own services on wind farm turnkey installation and assembly, since Nmwenergy is engaged in the alternative energy promotion and distribution in both industrial, commercial and domestic areas.

You may choose any generator, meeting your requirements. Our employees will be glad to help you, if you are in doubt or do not have complete and accurate data about the farm you need, as well as what capacity and costs to choose. There are several ways to install solar panels:


1) Solar panels installation on a swivel mast the most effective way to place solar panels on the solar tracker basis. There are several benefits.

The first one is our design is the most appropriate for home. Tour equipment is not a huge tracker, requiring bulky metalwork and a complex installation. The modules’ capacity provides a significant energy influx, especially given the battery efficiency increase when turning to the sun.

The second one is simple tracker management and maintenance. The third one is the construction is freestanding. I.e. it is not tied to the house and may be installed in the most convenient place.


2) Solar panels installation on the house’s roof Traditionally, modules are installed on the private home’s roof. Their placement area is usually enough. The current installation method has its benefits. The most important fact is that the solar modules are located quite high from the ground, which protects them from intruders.

Solar power plants generate energy throughout the daylight hours. It works continuously and for a long time, despite the relatively small power of one solar battery (for example, 135-250 watts in bright sunshine and 50-80 watts in heavy cloud cover). It’s worth mentioning that the batteries’ power increases per unit area proportionally to the technology development. Today one battery power can be 300 watts or more.

Today there are available the modules, able to serve as facades’ and other buildings parts’ original decorative elements in addition to traditional solar panels.


3) Non-standard options for solar panels installation Sometimes solar panels installation is possible on a specially made mounting structure, when it’s not convenient to install the photovoltaic modules on the roof or if the roof is located on the shaded side.

Such a supporting structure in the visor form was made of the southeast house’s side. Currently the solar panels were installed such a way: because the roof plane, turned strictly to the south, was absent; because it was hard to access the roof from other house’s sides, therefore it was difficult to install the solar panels; and because the modules in this form are a sun visor, etc. In addition, a visor, made of glass panels, contributes to getting rid of the rainfall.

Besides our company carries out the energy supply projects development and implementation, based on hybrid wind-solar complexes of any energy-intensive facilities, including farms, household facilities, residential villages, etc.

There is no way to extend power lines, they do not provide the required power, while being too expensive, do you need an uninterruptible power supply? - You are welcome. - The sun will fill your life with energy!