New Millennium Wind Energy

First Ever

. First Ever


Our Nmwenergy company’s specialists have developed own «First ever» wind turbine for both commercial and industrial use. The current turbine is equipped with a vertical rotation axis, made of composite material, as well as a modified design. The turbine design is high-tech, while being comparable to the commercial aircraft fuselage manufacture in both production complexity and scale terms. The project is our company’s property and was developed together with the National Institute of Aviation Research at Wichita State University.

Our Nmwenergy company conducted a research in order to be able to reduce the wind turbine size as well as to simplify the assembly ease, which became the basis for «First ever» wind turbine development, since high-power wind turbines tend to be large, high-power wind turbines use and demand for them is significantly lower than expected initially.



Our Nmwenergy company always prefers the most advanced and modern development strategy, which results in the ability to successfully complete and launch our «First ever» project, due to the interest increase in small and medium-sized turbine market as well as companies number increase, looking for the ways to develop their own projects.

Our turbine usage contributes to significant financial flows save, energy costs reduction and simultaneous renewable energy sources use for both companies and enterprises.

«First ever» wind turbines have recently attracted attention due to the «Wind for Schools» program. We wish the children to be interested in the wind energy, as well as alternative energy sources in general within the current educational program.

The development appliance range is rather wide, our «First ever» wind turbine is perfect for installation in shopping centers and stadiums, as well as for use in various types companies, such as agricultural companies, military institutions and educational and sports centers as well.

Our Recommendation

Turbine diameter

31 feet

Pedestal height

9 feet

Conical diameter

7.5 feet

Case diameter

31.4 foot


7 - 675 pounds weight.


$ 126.900 / 10 years


Total installed system load per sq. foot 16.3 pounds / sq. foot

[60 kW - 120 kW - 200 kW unit] 1640 - 2780 pounds

Constant rotation speed of 20 rpm with a wind of 15 mph - Torque

58 output foot / pounds, output power 200 kW

Transmission type

Centrifugal clutch for direct drive

Induction generators

from 60 kW to 700 kW