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Wind farm

Our specially trained and highly-qualified staff offers own services on wind farm turnkey installation and assembly, since Nmwenergy is engaged in the alternative energy promotion and distribution in both industrial, commercial and domestic areas.

You may choose any generator, meeting your requirements. Our employees will be glad to help you, if you are in doubt or do not have complete and accurate data about the farm you need, as well as what capacity and costs to choose.


The installation itself involves several stages, including from choosing a place up to its final installation and launch. This requires appropriate knowledge level, skills and experience as well. We have got a large background in the current field.

Wind generators installation is carried out by highly-qualified specialists, who have been working with the current equipment for several years as well as have got a large background in its implementation and launch.

The customer is provided with the service maintenance basic knowledge and skills within the installation process. Besides we may provide the customer with useful tools for further maintenance on his request. Wind generator installation in a private house does not require official permit. Professional equipment and skills allow to install the wind generators rather quickly.


We may carry out additional work, not provided for by the basic installation technology, as a bonus upon the customer’s request, while carrying out preparation and installation work. This includes the following work types:

  • 1) anti-corrosion mast treatment;
  • 2) wind generator case painting;
  • 3) additional windmill parts fastening;
  • 4) test run and operation control;

Installation work organization level is an important factor. Wind generators’ trouble-free supply and installation, which is often talked about for promotional purposes, is largely misleading. Both certain background and appropriate infrastructure are required in order to do it quickly, efficiently, with a full additional services and opportunities range, without the usual customers’ life routine or schedule violation, without «cluttering» his site with foreign objects, etc. So, we are focused on its creation.


Cooperation procedure with a potential client consists of the following stages:

  • 1) Preliminary consultation is given by phone or at a meeting at the first stage.
  • 2) A field trip (reconnaissance) is carried out when the person is really interested and is going to proceed to the project implementation. A comprehensive situation analysis is carried out, a preliminary plan for resolving energy and construction issues is developed, the future work details are determined within the reconnaissance.
  • 3) The equipment is delivered a bit later once the work scope has been determined and the order has been made. It is delivered to the customer at a predetermined time and then it is installed.

Wind generator installation will become for you one more step forward to the alternative energy systems’ integrated development. We’ll make every effort for you to be satisfied with it.